Couldn’t access my email account that’s linked to this blog cause my goddamn password was forgotten ovo So that was why the blog was completely inactive. NOW THAT I HAVE ACCESS….

idfk if I’ll even update soon. Just know that that long ass hiatus was because I couldn’t access this blog whatsoever :D 

if it makes you feel any better i accidentally told everyone on here I was!

I call it…

The Smoochi-nator. kissy kissy

How do you say this with a smile… How.

You guys shoulda been there! I fought nothing but monsters and scary scary marines!!

I missed all of you so dearly!!


I swear I’ve been trying to tend to this blog, but I cannot seem to draw Usopp. I really do apologize guys. I’ll do my best to try, but until then, this blog will be on a hiatus I guess. Maybe it won’t last as long as you’d think but… there’s no guarantee. I’m very sorry v-v

OOC: Hey you guys : D 

Luffy and I are doing commissions! 

School’s been kicking my butt with finances so I have to raise 50 dollars by the end of each month to pay these guys off XD It sucks hardcore, but it’s something to compensate the horribly huge amount of money they’re asking for back. 

At the moment, they are closed, since we’re working on three other commissions. But telling us you’d like to commission would be cool <3 We’ll make sure to get to it soon as we can!

Here’s the information you need!!

It is best that you contact us through the emails or tumblr urls given. I don’t check this blog as much as I use to, but if you can, PLEASE signal boost this okay? 

I’m counting on my dear followers to get the message out there! It helps! If you’re unable to commission, that’s okay! Just reblogging this does wonders <3 So thank you all for reading! 

I’m not a coward! 


OCC: I’m so damn sorry everyone. I can’t help but post apology posts cause I feel like a dumb head every time I remember this blog exists. I can’t say I’ll be back or anything, I just haven’t had the drive to draw Usopp as much these days. I’ve been working on my own characters, and I’ve been dealing with a handful of personal issues and junk. 

I really don’t want to give this blog up, I want to keep it. I really love this character, and I haven’t felt any different than the last post. If had not been for this blog, I wouldn’t have met my Luffy v/w/v So.. I’ll do my best to post whenever I can. I’m sorry it’s been dead for months. 

Could my dear followers forgive their Captain?